About Qin Qian

Qin Qian is a professional erhu player and teacher in Philadelphia.

When Qin Qian was 20, she received B,A.., performance of erhu , Guangxi Arts College, China. Then she authored two Chinese books, “My Dreams Fly With Music,”  and “A Musical Journey in America.” Produced and was featured performer and composer on a Chinese musical CD, “A Romantic Musical Journey.” This is the first music record published by a radio host in China, showing Qin Qian’s multi-talented life. Was featured soloist and composer in a concert in Nanning, China, while accompanied by the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra. She became the first person to hold a solo erhu and monochord concert among Chinese broadcasters. Also was a radio host and music editor in China for 19 years.

Qin Qian made many new attempts to spread traditional Chinese music after living in the United States. She has partnered with many Western musicians from the US, UK and Australia. Her concerts have mixed the erhu and other Chinese instruments with different musical styles, including classical, jazz, opera, and pop.

Qin Qian twice received the Outstanding Teacher Award at the Princeton International Chinese Music Competition, Princeton University(2012,2014). Her students Arthur Zhong and Kelvin Wang won first prize in the competition. Kelvin Wang won gold award 2017 Chinese TV (CCTV) show “Super Baby”, Also he plays “Galloping Horses” to win Sinovision’s teen talent competition for 2018, in New York. 

4 years later, 18-year-old Kelvin Wang won the first prize in the “New York Global Music Competition Adult Traditional Instrument Category” in 2022 and performed at the winner’s concert at Carnegie Hall. In recognition of Qin Qian’s extraordinary dedication and achievements in the field of music education, the New York Global Music Competition Committee also issued a certificate of honor to Qin Qian.

There are no borders in music, Qin Qian’s life is colorful because of music!