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Qin Qian likes to write and compose music in addition to her teaching and performing. 

She authored two Chinese books, “My Dreams Fly With Music,” (in 2003) and “A Musical Journey in America.” (in 2005)

“A Musical Journey in America” – Book

Qin Qian’s music works:

1: Love Going On and On (2005)

2: Love Lingering on Lake Placid (2004)

3: The Charm of Water (2003)

4: A Romantic Musical Journey (2003)

A Romantic Musical Journey琴缘 2003音乐会实况录音(广西交响乐团)

5: Sweet Love (2003)

6: Deep Yearning (The love of Monochord) (2003)

7: Gratefulness (2003)

8: My love (2009)

9: Mountain Stream (2017)

CD—- “A Romantic Musical Journey”.(2005) This is the first music record published by a radio host in China showing Qin Qian’s multi-talented life.

1: Greetings from Qin Qian.

Hello, my friend. I am Qin Qian. As you open this book and listen to the CD, fate has brought us together for an adventure, a musical journey in America. May my words leave you with wonderful memories you will cherish, and my music bring you joy. I wish you happiness and the joy of music throughout your everyday life. Now, let me accompany you on our voyage of musical discovery. 

2: Flowers in the Desert. (Erhu)
Composed by Vincenzo Andreacchio (Australia)

The wonderful music produced by combining the softness of the erhu with the modern rhythm of the guitar is indescribable. The exotic melody is played on the erhu, which is a little sad. The melody is very simple, but the composer brings out the best sound quality of the erhu to the fullest. The composer likes the erhu very much and has a certain understanding of its performance, so he wrote this short and concise piece of music. Simple is beautiful!

3: Song of Liu Sanjie(monochord)
Music by Lei Zhenbang

“Mountain Folk Songs are just like River Flood in Spring”; “Gratitude”; “Where in the world can you find a tree entangling a Cane”(Interludes of Film “Liu Sanjie”) 

4: A Romantic Musical Journey(Erhu )
Composed by Qin Qian. Leading Vocalists: (female) Chunyan Huang, (male) Minggao Meng
This piece of music was composed in March of 2003.
“Qin Yuan”, a dialogue between the erhu, the human voice and the band, has a strong Zhuang tone. The composer is a Zhuang. He has heard many Zhuang folk songs sung by his predecessors since he was a child, and he has a deep national complex. This piece of music strives to highlight the Zhuang style, which is both grand and gentle! Fate, wonderful! Here, hard and soft melodies are blended together, and the singing of male and female voices brings the music to a wonderful balance! Everything is born from the piano and connected by music. This is a beautiful encounter… This piece of music can give people a lot of imagination…

5: Flight of the Bumble Bee(Erhu )
Composed by Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)

Composed in 1900. It was originally an interlude in the opera “The Story of King Sadan” and is often used as a concert piece. There are many arrangements; the violin arrangement being the most famous. The music describes a prince turning into a wild bee, flying around and stinging those he hates. ​

The piece is almost entirely in chromatic progression, simulating the flight of a wild bee in a lifelike way. We can feel the special buzzing sound of wild bees. In the music, you will feel the extraordinary musical expression of the erhu. The erhu can perform works of different styles very well.

6: Gratefulness (Erhu )
Composed by Qin Qian

I especially like to use music to express my gratitude for everything. I use the soft timbre of the erhu to interpret it, and use the rhythm of four or three beats to express the singing melody. This melody flows from the bottom of my heart. It carries a sense of gratitude, a chant, and constantly surges and rises. The music vivifly expresses the connotation of this grateful heart. I can’t describe the whole picture with words. At that time, there was only a river of music flowing through my heart. I immediately wrote down these musical thoughts that came to my mind. , they resemble a gurgling and flowing clear spring. I let my musical thoughts follow my feelings. I didn’t want to control its flow. Just like that, the refreshing melody appeared naturally. I regarded it as the manifestation of fairy music. Because its appearance is so incredible to me!

7: Huola Dance(Erhu )
Composed by Grigoras Dinicu (1889-1949) (Romanian Folk Music).

This is a song that expresses technique. This piece of music that people usually hear is mostly played on the accordion, piano, or violin. Transposed for the erhu to play, it really has a unique charm. It enhances the musical expression of Erhu, and the path of Erhu is really getting wider and wider.

8: Azalea Interlude from “Sparkles Red Star” film. (monochord)
Composed by Fu Gengchen. Voice by Su Yanling

The erhu is particularly good at playing vocal melodies. This piece of music highlights its soft tone and profound meaning

9: The Charm of Water(Erhu )
Composed by Qin Qian. Orchestration by Zhu Songbin.

Lao Tzu once said in the Tao Te Ching:

The kindest people are like water. Water is good at nourishing all things without competing with all things. It stays in places that no one likes, so it is closest to “Tao”. ​

Lao Tzu praises water the most among all things in nature and believes that the virtue of water is close to Tao. The ideal “sage” is the embodiment of Tao, because his words and deeds are similar to water. Water has given us a lot of inspiration/the key to living in the world is to “not fight.” In other words, we would rather accept what others do us wrong than compete with others for profit, so there is no complaint from others. ​

The softness of water, the toughness of dripping water through stone, the continuity of continuous flow, unchanged for thousands of years, the rich heritage of water, it is amazing…

“The Rhythm of Water” uses the erhu to express the quality of water. The soft tone of the erhu well interprets the different textures of water. It feels like you are in the embrace of nature

10: The Peasant Dance(Erhu )
Composed by Dimitrescu

This is originally a solo piece for cello, it has been transposed for erhu from the original version. This delightful music is played with the erhu, and the exotic style is fully displayed.

11: Deep Yearning (The love of Monochord). (Erhu)
Composed by Qin Qian. Orchestration by Zhu Songbin.

The biggest feature of this piece of music is that only one inner string is used to play the entire piece, so it is also called “The Love of a Single String”. ​

If every expression of emotion can be represented by a color, I think the color of missing is purple. And it’s that light purple color, giving people a touch of sadness! Missing requires a certain atmosphere, and this atmosphere is often created by oneself.

I miss my hometown, my relatives, my lover, and all the things in the world that have had close contact with me and resonated with me. The feeling of longing can always arise from things, such as / drink water and think of the source! The feeling of longing can always give rise to many touching stories

12: Edelweiss (monochord)
Composed by Richard Rogers for the movie “Sound of Music” 

This beautiful song has a unique charm when played on an erhu.

13: Sweet Love(Erhu )
Composed by Qin Qian.

“Beautiful Love”, 3/4 time, medium tempo, very simple melody. But the beautiful atmosphere it creates is intoxicating! Music requires us to imagine. As the flowing music dances, a beautiful love relationship is always so exciting.

14: Love going On and On (Erhu and Monochord )
Composed by Qin Qian.

Love is an eternal theme. I have always hoped to write a piece of music to express the eternal elements, because many feelings cannot be expressed in words. It is a dream of mine to use music to interpret them. Finally one day, my dream came true… At the same time, I also paired lyrics for her and performed her in two different musical forms.

15: Love Lingering on Lake Placid(Erhu )
Composed by Qin Qian.

On July 20, 2004, at 8:30 in the morning, I was very energetic after just practicing yoga. I was bathing in the sunshine and looking at the golden light of the lake surrounded by green mountains under the sunlight. I couldn’t help but be inspired and finished it in one go. I wrote this piece. This is a unique musical piece I wrote after I came to the United States.

16: Love Going On and On (Chinese version).
Music, lyrics and singing by Qin Qian

Spoken voice: People yearn for a timeless love, one that goes on forever, together with each other in life, to bring a special happiness. I hope to have this complete love in the world.

Lyrics: Our love is sweet, our senses engage, our family is together. Timeless love is sweet. Your heart warms mine. My heart belongs to you. 

Our love is endless, our feelings do not change, our family is warm. Endless love is romantic. Your heart warms mine. My heart belongs to you.

17: Love Going On and On (English version).

18: Love Going On and On (Instrumental).

DVD Credits
Directors: Xie Jiangbo, Li Gexun
Producers: Dong Lianshui, Xie Jiangbo
Planning: Xie Jiangb, Ren Baosheng
Arranger & MIDI production: Ren Baosheng
Recording: Li Ruiqiang, Li Guiromg, Ren Baosheng
Editors in Charge: Tong Xiaomin, Fang Fei
Chief Editor: Zheng Minyong
English Translators: Lu Baojiang, Yang Yi, Michael Engel
Graphic Design: Yin Tianshi

Lead singer: Su Yanling, Huang Chunyan, Meng Minggao

Lead singer: Su Yanling, Huang Chunyan, Meng Minggao

Lead singer: Su Yanling, Huang Chunyan, Meng Minggao
Chorus: Li Guangtian, Deng Fengling, He Qing
Special art consultants: Qin Yi, Cen Aifeng, Vincenzo Andreacchio

In 2003, Qin Qian gave a very successful concert in Nanning in which she played the erhu and monochord and was accompanied by the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra. Makes her the first person to give a solo concert on a Chinese radio show host.

Her work also appears on my concert entitled “My Dreams Fly With Music”. This is a concert with both Erhu and Monochord that took place in China in 2003. The playlist is as follows:

A Love Story Told with Erhu Music.
Composed by Qin Qian. Orchestrated by Xian Hua.

The Charm of Water.
Composed by Qin Qian. Orchestration by Zhu Songbin.

The Charm of Water. 水之韵
Composed by Qin Qian. 作曲/覃茜 Orchestration by Zhu Songbin. 配器/朱诵邠

Composed by Qin Qian Orchestrated by Xian Zhenzhong

Composed by Qin Qian 作曲/覃茜 Orchestrated by Xian Zhenzhong 配器:冼振中

Sweet Love.
Composed by Qin Qian Orchestrated by Xian Zhenzhong

Sweet Love. 美好的恋情
Composed by Qin Qian 作曲/覃茜 Orchestrated by Xian Zhenzhong 配器:冼振中

Deep Yearning (The love of Monochord).
Composed by Qin Qian. Orchestration by Zhu Songbin.

Deep Yearning (The love of Monochord). 思念 又名《独弦之恋》
Composed by Qin Qian. 作曲/覃茜 Orchestration by Zhu Songbin. 配器/朱诵邠

Ode of Nanning.
Lyrics: Liang Shaowu, Composer: Qin Qian, Singer Lu Yani, Orchestrator: Xian Hua

Ode of Nanning. 南宁礼赞
Lyrics: Liang Shaowu 作词:梁绍伍, Composer: Qin Qian 作曲:覃茜, Singer Lu Yani 演唱:陆娅妮, Orchestrator: Xian Hua 配器:冼华

Dating at Aobao.
Arranger: Tong Fu, Orchestration: Xian Hua

Dating at Aobao. 敖包相会
Arranger: Tong Fu 插曲 编曲:通福, Orchestration: Xian Hua 配器:冼华

Drifting Aroma of Jack Fruit. Music by Chen Kunpeng, Orchestrated by Zhu Songbin

Drifting Aroma of Jack Fruit. 飘香菠萝蜜 Music by Chen Kunpeng 作曲:陈坤鹏, Orchestrated by Zhu Songbin 配器:朱诵邠

Huola Dance. Composed by Grigoras Dinicu 1889-1949 (Romanian Folk Music)

Huola Dance. 霍拉舞曲 Composed by Grigoras Dinicu 作曲: 迪尼库 (1889-1949)(Romanian Folk Music)

The Peasant Dance.

The Peasant Dance. 农夫舞曲

Flight of the Bumble Bee.
Composed by Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)

Flight of the Bumble Bee. 野蜂飞舞(片断)
Composed by Rimsky-Korsakov 作曲:里姆斯基。科萨科夫 (1844-1908)

Ballade Pour Adeline.
Piano Solo by Special Guest Chen Yao.

Ballade Pour Adeline. 水边的阿蒂丽娜
Piano Solo by Special Guest Chen Yao. 特邀嘉宾陈尧钢琴独奏

Piano Solo and sing by Special Guest Chen Yao.

Piano Solo and sing by Special Guest Chen Yao. 特邀嘉宾陈尧钢琴弹唱《黑色幽默》

Famous piano pieces, Bach: C-Major prelude” , Beethoven: ” Fur Elise” and Seneville, Tucson “Autumn Whispers”. Qin Qian piano solo.

Famous piano pieces, Bach: C-Major prelude” 巴赫《C大调前奏曲》Beethoven: ” Fur Elise” 贝多芬《献给爱丽丝》片断
Autumn Whispers” 塞内维尔、图森《秋日的私语》片断 Qin Qian piano solo. 覃茜钢琴独奏

Song Of Zhuang Village.
Composer: Zhang Yi

Song Of Zhuang Village. 壮乡欢歌
Composer: Zhang Yi 作曲:张懿

Flowers in the Desert.
Composed by Vincenzo Andreacchio (Australia)

Flowers in the Desert. 沙漠之花。
Composed by Vincenzo Andreacchio 文森佐·安德里亚基奥 (Australia, 澳大利亚)

The Moon Expresses My Heart.
Composer: Wong Qingxi

The Moon Expresses My Heart. 月亮代表我的心
Composer: Wong Qingxi 作曲:翁清溪

The Moon Mirrored in Erquan.
Composer: Huang Yanjun 作曲:

The Moon Mirrored in Erquan. 二泉映月
Composer: Huang Yanjun 作曲:华彦钧

Random on The Great Wall.
Copmposer: Liu Wenjin , Erhu: Qin Qian

Random on The Great Wall. 长城随想(第一乐章)
Random on The Great Wall. 长城随想(第二乐章)
Random on The Great Wall. 长城随想(第三、第四乐章)